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Should I really join a pregnancy yoga class?

Wether you are a yoga expert or you’re brand new to the Sankrit art of joining the mind and the body together, both you and your baby will benefit from joining a yoga class that specialises in pregnancy.

What’s the difference between between my standard yoga class and a pregnancy yoga class I hear you ask?

Well, here’s the thing. Your standard yoga class might put pressure on parts of your body that could prove uncomfortable and risky in pregnancy such front/abdominal stretches. A yoga class specific to pregnancy will omit these positions concentrating on restoring and healing postures as well as breathing exercises dedicated for labour and birth.

Also, the breathing exercices will be more birth focused, allowing you to learn different ways to breath during the different stages of labour. At the end of the class we also spend some time in relaxation, a wonderful opportunity to practice visualisations and remove tension from the body and the mind.

We also work on labour positions, to open the pelvis in the certain way, to help babies being born more spontaneously, without interventions.

Lastly, you’ll get to build your support bubble, meet other pregnant women, slightly ahead of you or behind, basking in the excitement when they miss class hoping it signifies their baby made an appearance.

Before you leave my class I’ll feed you some biscuits, we’ll share some secrets and we’ll probably have a laugh or two, challenging the strength of our pelvic floor muscles. You’ll then go home and have the best night sleep you’ve had in ages. 

I highly recommend you find a good pregnancy yoga practice near you. If you’re in my neck of the wood, in Reading then head on here to book your space.

For those further afield but still in the UK/Ireland, here are two places you can find the right class for you: